Dr. Anant Sardeshmukh


Dr. Anant Sardeshmukh is the current Director General and Member of the Board of Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) With his 40+ years of industry experience, he leads this proactive, progressive, professional, eight-decade old industry trade and business entity.

He played a pivotal role in reestablishing the MCCIA brand during his association of more than a decade. As the futurist leader, he represents one of the strongest Chamber of Commerce, recognized so by the Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) in his tenure. Being the face of MCCIA, he not only represents the chamber on various committees active at the state and national level but also has a strong connect with the industry, trade, business, educational institutions, chamber of commerce, foreign consulates, embassies, trade offices, industrialists, members from diverse industries back home as well as internationally.

An accomplished leader who believes “My success is due to the strong teams with which I worked, the members of which were cherry-picked by me.” has earned extensive experience and expertise in corporate finance, non-banking finance, general management, projects, personnel and risk management.

Dr. Sardeshmukh, a man who always traversed untrodden path with a confidence of success and achievement, has contributed significantly to the chamber’s growth, diversification in activities and effective, efficient services. He is a man often credited for numerous “First-Time” initiatives. It was his visionary efforts which enhanced the visibility and reach of the chamber to different areas of operations, advocacy, and geographic areas of the state, nation and globe too.

His professional experience of more than four decades of working with diverse industries including pharmaceutical, automobile, insurance, finance, and banking established and affirmed him to be a leader to don the crown of the highest position at MCCIA. The reputed positions assumed by him in his career often came with challenges as well which Dr. Sardeshmukh handled and has been handling impeccably with astounding success, results.

Through his past working associations with the leading names from various industries, he precisely knows the problems and challenges faced by each industry. He has always strived and succeeded in helping the industries find solutions to those problems with the help of government initiatives, policies, and effective strategies.

The industry and institutions have always applauded Dr. Sardeshmukh's proactive, progressive contribution towards the development, problem resolution and promotion. He is acclaimed for his deep knowledge, expertise and interest in MSME sector and is often sought for advice, suggestions and help for the same.

Be it capacity and capability development of MSMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurship development, international market development, management advisory, professional development, professional educational advisory, Dr. Sardeshmukh’s interventions, guidance and support would be of certain help and value.

An avid reader of books and literature on Economics, Business strategy, Management, personal development, a contributor to many magazines, newspaper, weekly columns, a good orator delivering lectures on many platforms and in many programs. He also takes interest in music, cultural activities and social work through the globally reputed and the largest NGO “ROTARY”. Writing books is one of the activities on the anvil for him and is taking definite shape.

Dr. Anant Sardeshmukh would be now, engaging into consultancy, advisory, and other development services in the area of MSME capacity and capability building, international market development, entrepreneurship development, educational and professional development, personnel selection, development and other incidental management services the areas in which he commands expertise and experience.


Dr. Sardeshmukh has set the tone and led the charge in the aspiration of MCCIA during his more than decade old association with the chamber as the Director General. MCCIA earned the recognition of being one of the strongest chambers from the Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI), This eight-decade-old organization not only proved to be futuristic in its outlook but also its initiatives for diverse industries under his able guidance.
Dr. Sardeshmukh directed the focus on augmenting the reach of the organization along with its efficiency and service, value addition to the membership which further laid the milestones for the astounding progress of MCCIA.

Admired by members, institutions, industries, market veterans and leading thought leaders, he is known for and looked upon as an inspiration who continues to manage, build, groom and lead the path of innovation taking everyone along with him. Dr. Sardeshmukh has a formidable business sense accumulated over his professional experience of more than forty years, His experience spreads over a broad range of industries including pharmaceutical, engineering , financial services,
banking ,project management , insurance, finance, training to name a few with which he had been associated.

His diversely rich professional journey has many milestones like FDC, Deepak Nitrite, Bajaj Auto Finance, 20th Century Finance, Centurian Bank, Maharashtra Academy of Insurance and Risk Management, Pune Stock Exchange Ltd., ., and so on.

He steered these entities towards profitability, growth, success and more importantly winning the hearts of their clients and developing long-lasting trusted relations. Assisting them to create a strong customer base and shape the future with strategic planning has been his forte that contributed immensely to establishing of several brands leaving strong footprints in their respective industries. His astute judgment, years of enriching experience and profound skills coupled with sharp business sense culminate in the comprehensive growth of an organization.

Dr. Sardeshmukh’s numerous honors include Top Management Consortium Excellence Award 2014-15, Praj Maha-Intrapreneur Award 2013 and the MITCON Excellence Award 2009.

With his experience of 40+ years, Dr. Sardeshmukh guides several significant entities as a Director. He has been a part of following organizations.

  • Director – Lean Manufacturing Cluster
  • Director – White Goods Cluster
  • Director – Pune Restoration & Navigation Company
  • Director – Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. (MKCL)
  • Director – MCCIA Electronic Cluster Foundation

Apart from all these responsibilities, he has also been contributing to various government councils as a member, some of which are

Governing Council Member:

  • International Chamber of Commerce India, New Delhi
  • MSME Facilitation Council, GOM
  • State Level Committee on Standardization of Quality Systems, GOM
  • Member on the Local Managing Committee of Vishwakarma Institute of Management
  • Member on ICC India Task Forces on ICC Commissions
  • Member of Central Direct Taxes Advisory Committee
  • Member on Academic Advisory Board of MIT School of Management
  • Member on Advisory Board for Business Economics & Policy Research of Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research ( WeSchool )
  • Planning & Monitoring Board of Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics
  • Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Gokhale Institute
  • Member on the Board of Studies in Liberal Arts, Legal & Moral Science & Social Science of IndSearch.
  • Member on IMDR Advisory Committee
  • Member on Managing Committee of Pune Chapter of ICSI
  • Member Regional Advisory Committee, Dattapont Thengadi National Board for Workers Education & Development , Ministry of Labour & Employment, GOI

Dr. Sardeshmukh’s contribution to the Indian industry has established him as one of the most inspiring personalities businesses and entrepreneurs turn towards for guidance and encouragement. Dr. Sardeshmukh inspires all to do better and achieve more.


Dr. Anant Sardeshmukh has been the Director General of Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) for more than a decade. With his diverse experience and expertise in several areas like corporate finance, non-banking finance, general management, projects, personnel, and risk management, he continues to mentor and guide the growth of MCCIA.

With almost forty years of business wisdom, Dr. Anant Sardeshmukh is seen as a wizard with a combination of incisive business sense with exceptional leadership qualities that culminate into astonishing change and growth for organizations. Having associated with a surprisingly broad range of industries such as pharmaceutical, automobile, insurance, finance, and banking, he continues to steer business entities towards better future.

Dr. Sardeshmukh with his strategic expertise gleaned from his associations with brands like Bajaj Auto Finance Ltd., 20th Century Kinetic Finance Ltd., Deepak Nitrite Ltd., FDC Ltd., helps MSME sector and plays an instrumental role in helping them carve their niche identity in the industry. He has the prime focus and interest in the growth of MSME sector. His visionary steps, innovation, and interventions have enabled many MSME sector entities to achieve targets which seemed inaccessible a few years ago. His initiatives, advice, and guidance drive growth, manage risk and add value to the industries from MSME as well as other sectors too.

Dr. Sardeshmukh has served on numerous influential advisory bodies of reputed educational institutions and contributed significantly on the matters related to quality and planning.

Dr. Sardeshmukh is known for his special love for Make in India initiative, and it is evident through his incessant and consistent interactions with start-ups and entrepreneurs for their development and success. His valuable and indispensable contribution to the causes of international market development, management advisory, professional development and professional educational advisory has established him as one of the prominent visionaries towards whom the Indian business world turns for inspiration and words of wisdom.


Dr. Anant Sardeshmukh joined Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA), as the Director General in 2007. His profound and diversified experience of forty years in corporate finance, non-banking finance, general management, projects, personnel and risk management has been enriching for the organization.

During his tenure with MCCIA, he helped to strengthen the organization’s ties with discrete segments of the business world at national and international levels. He also played a key role in obtaining recognition from the Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) for this eight-decade-old organization.

Prior to joining MCCIA, Dr. Sardeshmukh was associated with a broad range of industries including pharmaceutical, automobile, insurance, finance, and banking. He worked at senior positions with leading industry names like Bajaj Auto Finance Ltd., 20th Century Kinetic Finance Ltd., Deepak Nitrite Ltd., FDC Ltd., to name a few.

He infused enthusiasm in the team apart from putting his knowledge and experience to make the team more active. This resulted in noteworthy augmentation of the MCCIA reach and visibility soon in the region. His focus has always been on overall progress for industries by bridging the gap between government policies, industry capacities, and needs. Dr. Sardeshmukh initiated many path-breaking reforms in the labor-related legislations and the fruits of which are always appreciated by the industries.

He was the Director of Maharashtra Academy of Insurance and Risk Management from 2003 to 2007 and immaculately handled the operations spread over 31 centers and head office. A believer in game-changing strategies, he ushered new projects and new relationships with all insurance companies creating a strong client base. The results of his innovative steps could be witnessed in the form of astonishing more than 40% growth in the business volume within the first year of his appointment.

Another prominent business association of Dr. Sardeshmukh was with Pune Stock Exchange Ltd. when he was appointed as the Public Representative Director by SEBI. As the member of the audit, he significantly contributed to resolution of problems and providing guidance on effective operation of the organization. His vision and leadership enabled the organization to develop great result-oriented strategies and teams.

An iconic leader with a right blend of in-depth knowledge, excellence and execution in several sectors with a special interest in MSME sector, Dr. Sardeshmukh is never short of ideas that pave the path for exponential advantage for the company and its people.

Known for his incredibly revolutionary approach that turns challenges into opportunities, he has invariably played an instrumental role in diverse areas.His contribution to areas like capacity and capability development of MSMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurship development, international market development, management advisory, professional development, and professional educational advisory is applauded. His interventions and guidance opened the doors of success for many businesses of different sizes.

An alumnus of Illinois University, U.S.A., Dr. Sardeshmukh was associated as a visiting faculty to several national and international institutions including Symbiosis Institute of Management, National Insurance Academy, Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India, Symbiosis, and LAMCON for many years. He is an accredited trainer of Limra International, U.S.A. for Life Insurance Training. Apart from this, he has been on the board of advisers for many leading educational institutions and guides them on several aspects mainly quality and planning.

It’s not surprising that he has loyal followers who look forward to listening and reading his thoughts on industry, economics, finance published by leading business magazines and newspapers.